katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

how precious our lives are?

Last October a part of human's body was found on the coast of Ibaraki Prefecture (the northeastern part of the Kanto region - the area around Tokyo) and lately it was identified by DNA profiling as the man in his 60's who was living in Miyagi Prefecture when he was hit by the Tsunami on 3.11, his body had been drifted 300km south. His remains were handed over to his family and they buried him, the news reported.

His life was end on the day, all the joy & sorrow had finished for himself, but when I think about the feeling of his family and friends, their endless sorrow and suffering over one year ... I don't know how to express my sympathies. I just hope this identification would give them some consolation.

An unexpected disaster, a sudden death happens always in this world but the news of the victims of THE disaster make me speechless still, maybe because of the hugeness of its damage, or its brutal suddenness? They teach us the fragileness of our lives.

Despite the preciousness of our lives they are nothing compared with the workings of the great nature, and once our lives end few people would care about it no matter how precious they were for ourselves. So ... what we can do is just trying to do our best to make our lives fulfilled, enrich and enjoy our lives fully.

My life is still full of unsurenss and hesitation and I'm so ashamed of it when I see such news...
Tags: disaster & resurrection, thought

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