katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

I saw it.

For weeks every authorities had warned that we must not look at the solar eclipse directly, only a glimpse could hurt our eyes seriously thus we had to use the special glasses or observe it indirectly.
So I have prepared a piece of cardboard with many pinholes, with which I would be able to see the sunbeam through its small holes.

In my town Yokohama the annular eclipse would start at 7:31am this morning. But it was cloudy, sometimes shower, the sky was pale grey... I totally gave up the idea seeing the annular eclipse which we were supposed to see for the first time during the recent 173 years in our area.
But at just 7:30am I noticed a soft light outside of the window, I and my mother rushed out the door. The sunshine was still very weak and I could not see the light through the pinholes on the cardboard, but when I looked up to see the weather ...

There was the sun like a ring midst of the grey sky. Very impressive, mysteriously beautiful. Sometimes the clouds hid it then it appeared again, after about 5 minutes clouds became thicker and hid the sun completely.

So... this is the sun I saw this morning with my own eyes. I know I should not see it directly but it was so beautiful that we could not help admiring it.

(Can you see the sun?)

(This is close-up)

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