katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

A big event !

It was a big event! But we've done it!
Done what? ...cutting the nails of Mr.Uma!!!

It has been almost 3 months since when we did it last time, and recently... when Mr.Uma put his forefeet on my lap his nails literally pierce my skin!

---Mr.Uma, this morning. Yes, he is cute but his nails... X(

So today I and my mother tried to hold him, or keep him still on the floor and cut his nails on his forefeet, then heels.

It was really an uproar! ...of course Mr.Uma shouted nothing but WE did! And ...how quick to run away Mr.Uma is! And to escape from our hands! I really need two more hands to do this task efficiently.

When the job was done both of Mr.Uma and us were exhausted. Mr.Uma has been timid (or maybe sulky) all afternoon, I'm quite content that now I don't need to do this again for a month or two XD

(after the event, exhausted Mr.Uma with my mother's hand petting his back)

("I don't like this event at all...")
Tags: mr.uma

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