katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

very typical...

This morning it was fine but the weather forecast said that we'd have sudden heavy rain from about noon till around 3pm then clear sky again in the evening. It sounded that I could avoid the bad weather on my way to & from the office, I put a small folding umbrella in my bag.

But just before I left home the sky had become overcast, and JUST WHEN I opend the door it began raining! It was sudden and heavy, I opened the bigger umbrella instead of the small one I had put into my bag. The big drops of rain made loud sound on my umbrella and my feet were soaked, I was lucky in wearing the waterproof pumps!

When I arrived at the office rain became lighter and around noon we had sunshine again. Ah... very typical! Now(I'm writing this during the lunchtime) I'm afraid it might start raining again when I leave the office in the evening X(

Fortunately no more rain in the evening, actually it was sunny and rather warm afternoon and I was sleepy for some time...
Tags: daily life

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