katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

Mr.Uma's misfortune

My rabbit Mr.Uma has had a runny nose for a while, and it seems that the medicine I've given him for 10 days didn't work well. Now the tip of his nose was infected and formed pus, the vet said it must be removed. It means the operation and the general anesthesia which could put a small rabbit in danger sometimes. But there was not much choice, I left him in the veterinary hospital this morning and went to work.

But, then I have become very anxious about the general anesthesia... I called the vet to ask him for the treatment with the local anesthesia, not the general anesthesia. It might not remove the pus entirely and he could have a relapse, the vet said. But... at least the local anesthesia would not kill rabbit and I couldn't risk Mr.Uma's life for his pus.
I'm not sure if my decision was right. Mr.Uma might have to have another treatment in near future if he'll have a relapse and it could be more pitiful. Well... sometimes it's so difficult to have a small animal, the responsibility for its life, but it could be the very meaning of their existence for us pet owners.

After work I went to the veterinary hospital and took Mr.Uma home. After a day spent in the veterinary clinic thankfully he seemed to be lively, ate well and evacuated well. The pus-formed nose might have tormented him and now he might feel better, I hope.
I gave him some liquid medicine (fortunately it has no taste nor scent, I put it on a small piece of apple :D ) and hope his infection would not return.
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