katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

want to feel safe...

Monday. Cold, raining day.

On the newspaper and the internet articles there are too many sad, horrible, hopeless information. The accidents, crimes, political hatred, racial prejudice and helpless politicians...
I believe, or I want to believe that most of the ordinary people in any country are basically good-natured, and we can get on anyhow though we can never solve all of the problems we have.
But sometimes, on such cold gloomy day every articles on internet makes me so depressed, it's too easy to believe that this world is rapidly descending into the worse situation.

From the experiences I know that we should not think about the "big" problems, at least when we feel blue. When we think about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict how can we be hopeful? But we can do something for our own neighbours or friends and such kindness, mutual help, small favour would make us go for the time being, make us feel a bit safe. I know it well but at present have no idea what I should do now...

Today I feel so insecure and forlorn, everything seems to be fragile, be fake. This depression visits me just sometimes but for many years, and I can't be accustomed to have it yet. So I cling on to the my favorite books, or to the letter or the card I have got recently from my friends, like Linus clinging to his security blanket (-_-;)

Tags: thought

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