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droppings 2

This morning, I cleaned Mr.Uma's toilet, fed him and gave him the medicine (Today I put the antibiotics on small pieces of apples and let him eat them. He ate all! Hurrah!). Also I picked many wild grasses in our garden for him, hoping they were good for his digestion.

And... in the morning I counted his droppings in his toilet. One, two, three... twenty.
It's still fewer than usual, but he ate well so soon he would defecate more...

In the afternoon. Again I picked some more grasses. He ate them, but has not gone to toilet.
He has been still in his cage. He might be just sleepy, but he could feel unwell.

Again I counted the droppings. Still just twenty there.
I put my ear on his body and heard the sound of his intestines. They were working.
I stroked him and his stomach seemed to be a bit bloated.

I feed him twice a day, in the morning and in the evening, around 6pm.
Today before 6pm he had eaten about only half of his breakfast but it might be just because I gave him more wild grasses than usual. I was not sure if I should give him more food but anyway I put some more vegetables in his cage.

In the evening he ate some vegetables... but stopped eating and shuddered oddly, seemed to be a bit uneasy. There were still only twenty droppings in the toilet. I have almost made up my mind to take him to the vet tomorrow morning, but going to the vet could be a great stress and could harm him...

After my own dinner I counted his droppings again.
One, two, three... twenty, twenty one, ... thirty!!
It's still fewer than usual but it's better than twenty and it's a great relief to see them!

And just now I counted about forty droppings in his toilet. Still not enough but better.
He was eating his dinner eagerly and looked at me asking for some treats, I gave him some small pieces of carrot.

"How was your weekend?" "Yeah, I was counting my bunny's droppings all day."
...God bless me!
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