katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

go to hospital!

This morning I decided to set the working hour late and took Mr.Uma to the veterinary hospital for he has had runny nose for a while - not too bad but as every bunny-owner knows the tip of rabbit's nose should not be wet, unlike dog's - and seems to be far quieter than usual.
The doctor said it might be snuffles, a common rabbit disease caused by some bacteria, but not sure yet, told me to try the antibiotics for a week. I don't like to give medicines to a small animal, but maybe it's better than let him have his nose running. But, of course, Mr.Uma does not like it at all, when I gave him the antibiotics (mixed with some paste and rubbed on his teeth)... well, sorry for him but it's very funny to see him trying to shake it off!

Tags: mr.uma

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