katriona_s (katriona_s) wrote,

gloomy monday

Today, on the first weekday this week I felt already tired and found no motivation in the office. Now I have two jobs, the one I had been given last summer and had to wait for the superiors' decision for months and still cannot start because of the second job, and the second one which burst in on me last month. The second job has the priority but at present (since last week) I've been in a kind of waiting time so tried to proceed with the first (and my primary) job. But my motivation about that job seems to be totally drained after too long waiting and under the terrible management of my boss, I feel really fed up with my own plan about it.

Outside of the office it's spring air we feel, cherry trees are in full bloom here and there which attract me ...so distract me from the job. Recently my rabbit Mr.Uma has not been active as he should be, I'm afraid I have to take him to the veterinary hospital just in case. And I have some more things I have to do in a hurry. So... in a word I've been bored and could not concentrate on my job, really.
I know I have to be positive and productive, but I couldn't find the meaning of being in the office (of course I get my salary from it, I know, but generally I demand more from my job.).

Well... so after this gloomy day l visited a park with many cherry trees to console myself. I think tomorrow morning I'll take Mr.Uma to the hospital though he is surely not happy about it!

(cherry blossoms in the evening.)
Tags: daily life, mr.uma

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