Summer flower

In our garden, the first white lily bloomed today.

This lily is our “mid summer flower”, soon we’ll have many flowers…

Meanwhile at the end of the garden…

“We don’t like this humidity!” XD
daily life

Go to the office

After 12 days of staying home (teleworking and some holidays) today I went to the office. Since early morning it has been hot and humid so I took a local bus to go to the office, but in the evening I walked home :) This going-to-the-office day made me tired but the evening sky was rather beautiful…

The news programs are reporting the infection is really rapidly spreading and in many hospitals now most of the beds are occupied and they can’t do the enough treatment to the patients of ordinary diseases. But everyone has known this would eventually happen if they held the Olympics. How stupid! Anyway, we have to be careful, not only about the Covid but any other injury or sickness. Now it’s not easy to find the vacant bed in the hospitals…


Monday. After more than a week of bright sunny days today it’s cloudy though the temperature and the humidity are high :( I woke up at 5:30. It’s too early but I knew if I’d back to sleep I won’t be able to wake up again at the proper time so I stood up and began my workday routine.
Around 7:30 I started my job, but sitting in front of the computer I noticed that I was sleepyX)
This afternoon I’ll take a half day off and go to have the second dose. They say especially the second vaccine often brings the side reactions like the fever, physical weariness or sleepiness. I’m afraid I won’t be able to distinguish the sleepiness by the doze from this ordinary one from the lack of sleep XD

(The ripen bitter melon - the orange one - we took yesterday.)

7:30 am

This morning I woke up about 6am. It’s Sunday and I don’t need to wake up early so I backed to my sleep, but I stood up and opened my window. Again woke up at 7:30. The air from the window was rather comfortable, I looked out and saw the garden was in light shade. It seemed that there was light clouds in eastern sky so no strong sunshine yet. It’s a bliss. Actually, early morning is the only comfortable time on our typical midsummer day. Our garden cats seemed to enjoy that rare comfy time. Though after 7:30 the clouds were gone, sunshine became stronger… we’d have an another tough summer day…



Today it’s sunny and hot again but the temperature or humidity seems to be a bit lower, and we have had nice breeze all day. So I didn’t need to turn on the air conditioner, instead I opened all the windows in my house :) it’s good.

In the morning, before the temperature rose. Two garden cats were relaxing (or sleeping) on the wooden verandah.

“I prefer the lower temperature… wouldn’t you turn on the air conditioner??”

Today again we got some Myoga and bitter melon, mother cooked tempura with them and other vegetables. Yummy!

And after supper we still have some breeze from the open window… :)
illust harris

drawing : Pont de Montvert

Pont de Montvert is a small, quiet town in Cevennnes, France. I've been there on 2008 with the members of R.L.Stevenson Club of Edinburgh. This is one of the places which Stevenson visited on his "travels with a donkey" in 1877.

I made this drawing from some photos from my own trip. I have no idea how the landscape might have changed since then...