This year, in September it’s generally cool, and in the first half of October we have many warm days. And now I feel this autumn is deepening faster than usual. The persimmon fruits seem to be ripening earlier in our garden, most of them now show their orange colour … and attract a group of bird - maybe white cheeked starling - every day. This year our persimmon trees have the fewer fruits than usual so I’m afraid we won’t have good harvest.
This morning - btw very chilly with rain - I picked some from the branch, they seemed to be ripe enough.

Maybe on this coming weekend we’ll pick the persimmon fruits …before the birds would peck every fruits XD

Noooo! Do not peck my persimmon fruits!

Gloomy day

It’s mostly cloudy today, and chilly. And I’ve felt gloomy all day, my job hasn’t progressed at all :( There are sometimes such days, I can’t help it, so I didn’t try to be positive. On this kind of day, however, my rabbit is a great help for me, thanks for this teleworking days. I sometimes stroked Krurun’s soft fur, touched her with my cheek. Her warmth is really a comfort on a gloomy days…

Where is your right ear??

The warmth of the sun

Now autumn is deepening, the morning temperature is low. Until recently I preferred the shade when I went out to walk, but now I stand by the window and notice the thankful warmth of sunlight :)

This morning I saw our three garden cats enjoying the sun on our verandah.

In the morning I went out of our entrance door and found the autumn sunlight lightened the grasses and paving stones mildly. It looked very peaceful.

Because of this pandemic I can spend much time at home, and found many small happiness in my house and garden. Though we can see little prospect of future, and the world is full of so much unfairness and unreasonableness, at least I’m thankful for them.

a dark day

Yesterday morning it was chilly but fine, during the daytime it was rather comfortable. But today, again when I woke up it was dark and chilly, (I noticed now it's time when we have difficulties to wake up from our bed in early morning XD) and it's gloomy and raining ... and chilly all day, my feeling has been rather blue :(
Today I went to the office, and there were not any good or enjoyable thing. At least no bad thing either, so I might be thank for that :(

On lunchtime one of my coworker invited me to have a cup of coffee in a nearby cafe. She has a rather serious character and is eager for her job, whom I can trust and respect though she is younger than me. We talked about some problems in our office there. It's good to talk with her but the problem itself has been so obvious for us for years but has never resolved, those topics didn't make me feel happier. Well, the company pays me for my time, I can't demand more. But I, like my co-worker, hope that our team would be able to do good job for the local society. And the situation of our team or company is far from it should be :(

Mules under the desk

There is floor heating in my room but not under the desk which fixed at the end of the room, so I put the fluffy mules under the desk to keep my feet warm during winter. For months I haven’t thought about them, but this morning the temperature dropped. Today it’s sunny but chilly, they say it’s the temperature of November. WhenI started my job (at home again) I felt chill and put my feet into the mules. Yes the late autumn has rolled around, then soon we’ll have winter…


Funny shoes

The shoes I purchased yesterday :)

These are not my usual taste because I tend to buy the shoes or clothes in which I can go to the office and attend the business meeting. But now I spend more time at home, more go out in casual clothes to nearby supermarket or local parks. So I think these kind of shoes make me feel good :D

Autumn light

This morning it was cloudy and rather cool, and a bit gloomy. Without enough sunshine autumn could be a blue season. But later there came mild sunshine, in the afternoon the garden was full of soft light, and the sky was blue. I work at home today, my mother was out so I was alone (with Krurun) in quiet house all day. I sometimes looked out of the window to enjoy the brightness of the sunny autumn day.

Wooden fence in the sun.

Chrysanthemum are almost ready to bloom.

Our agave blooms for the first time during these 7 years.

Persimmon tree and the sky.

… and a cat on the verandah :)

Lively Krurun is back! And the plan.

Krurun seems to have recovered from the gastrointestinal stasis now. Though she still have medicine twice a day, she eats well and poops well, runs around in my (and her) room. I can't say how relieved I am X)

In October we have had unusual warm days but today the weather has changed, it’s gloomy (the weather forecast says we’d have rain soon) and the temperature dropped.

Today I get a day off from my job for the meeting with the architect and a president of the small constructor which had built my house. Since this spring I have talked with them about the remodeling our kitchen. Now 7 and half years passed since the construction of this house, it’s been really comfortable life in it. Still we’ve found some inconvenience mostly in the kitchen. During this pandemic I couldn’t travel anywhere and no outing nor eating out, naturally I have saved some money - not enough for the remodeling but I have some savings and thought that I might be able to do it :) Also after these monotonous life of just-staying-at-home, fixing the inconvenience in my house seems to be quite nice.

So, in the morning the architect and the house builder visited here, they looked enjoying looking at our house which is the result of their works 7 years ago, and we talked about the plan in quite friendly mood. They’ll show me the detailed plan and the estimation in near future. I hope it might be the sum I can pay X)