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...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

Vacuum cleaner
Ms.Utako doesn't like the vacuum cleaner... XD

I took this photos on the last weekend. Look how Tako was shriveled at the corner of the room. I vacuum my room at least once a week. Tako has come here in July last summer. Still she can't be accustomed to its noise XD

The Ebb-Tide
Recently I've got the Japanese translation of "The Ebb-Tide", R.L.Stevenson's novel. This is the first Japanese translation of this novel, and fortunately, very good translation, I found. I had known about this work and wanted to read it for over 30 years, tried to do sometimes but it's too difficult for me to read this in the original English. Some of Stevenson's works like Treasure Island and Jekyll & Hyde are very famous of course but I can't say he is a very popular author in Japan nowadays so I have almost given up about the new translations... But here is the newly translated book, I have read it twice now and really enjoyed!!

(And I love the beautiful illustration on the cover.)

In Japan Stevenson seems to have been more popular about 60 or 70 years ago and many translations of his books were already out of print when I'd known his works for the first time early in my teens. So I had tried really hard to get those old translations mostly in my twenties. There was no internet and Amazon then, it's not easy to find those books, sometimes I've gone to the big library in Tokyo to read his novels(translation) which I could not find in the seconhand book shops. After those struggling years now I can read any Stevenson's works which have ever translated into Japanese from my own bookshelves. Still there are too many his works which have never been put into Japanese. So you know, to read this new translation is really an event for me :D

It's like the early summer.
Yesterday and today, it's unusually warm and almost like the early summer. The plants notice it well. this morning I found our irises began to bloom. My impression is, iris is the flower of May so I'm a bit surprised, but can understand... today's temperature and the air are really like early summer!

I took my rabbit Tako out on the wooden terrace to brush and cut her overgrown nails. She has been a bit sullen but then become relaxed on the floor :)

This afternoon I weed the garden for a while then took shower, now I feel a bit tired but fresh and relaxed. Every living things feels happy in this warm and fresh climate :) But this is not usual, the weather forecast says tomorrow the temperature would be lower.

This evening I went to the concert of the classical music. Debussy program. Debussy is not the composer I like, but it sounded nice...

mother is home
daily life
Mother is back from her 1-week trip. During her absence when I came home from work in the evening there were no lights on in the house. It's good to come back to the lighted home :)

daily life
This is an oddly chilly evening for April. Mother is still on her trip and I'm alone with Tako. Usually on workday mother does the cooking or washing, now I do them by myself so I'm rather busy at home XD
And Tako is relaxing on the floor ... maybe because I switched on the floor heating XD

flower in the vase
The weather forecast says we'll have rain this evening and tomorrow. So this morning before leaving for the office I picked some flowers from the garden and put them in the vase. We put the flower vase in the entrance hall usually. Most of time we buy the flowers in the shop but in this time of year we can use the plants in our own garden - I love them! :)

I got the discount tickets!
As I wrote here some weeks ago I'm going to travel to Scotland for my next holiday in June. I've made my travel plan, book the accommoadation, e-mailed to my Scottish friend whom I'm going to see. I will travel with trains and buses, and as many people would know the UK train tickets are rather... expensive X(  I have visited the website of UK train company to check the timetables and fares, and the price did not make me happy XD
Yesterday my Scottish friend gave me the e-mail to tell me now they had the discount train tickets which I can buy via internet, and  those cheaper tickets were limited. So I visited the website, found the advance tickets which were far cheaper than the usual fare (almost half-price!) and of course bought them XD
Thanks to my kind Scottish friend! I'm looking forward to my travel to Scotland. :)

heavy rain, sunny later
This morning when I woke up it's raining and very windy, I didn't dare to open the shutters of south side of the house. It stopped raining around noon, the temperature has risen and we had oddly warm breeze. I washed some winter clothes, then went outside. When I was weeding the garden (it's quite easy, the soil was soft after the rain) there came some sunshine. After the weeding I took a shower, then sat on a sofa with a pot of mint tea - the first mint leaves from my garden this spring :)

Outside of the window, on the wooden terrace the homeless cats gathered, expecting some treat. I ignored them for it's not time for their evening treat yet, though they didn't leave, just relaxed on the terrace. I enjoyed the tea and some biscuits, and looking at the relaxing cats X)

Of course I don't forget my rabbit, I picked some dandelion leaves in the garden for her. SHe enjoyed them!

So it's a peaceful, nuce Sunday again.

Sansyo paste
The young leaves of Sansyo - Japanese peppar tree - has the very strong flavor, and it's just about 10 days when I can pick them to make my favorite Sansho-miso. We crush the leaves, blend with miso and sugar. This paste tastes wonderful with warm tofu.

(The young leaves of sansyo. This is a very small tree - just 30cm tall.)

This afternoon I picked some leaves and made the paste, enjoyed it with tofu for the supper.

This is really the spring treat! :)


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