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Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

Are you a seal?
Look at these relaxing cats on the wooden terrace.

Look at the front one ... how well-fed he is! Are you a cat, or a seal???

Taking care of the rabbits.
So, as I wrote before, the chief priest of Syuzenji temple on Izu peninsula had adopted abandoned 8 rabitts and made a hut for them maybe some years ago though he couldn't separate the males and females completely (I heard that at least he tried but the rabbits digged the tunnel under the fence between the adjoined 2 huts) , now in 3 huts there are about 200 rabbits. Taking good care of this huge number of rabbit is very difficult and often they fight and hurt each other, thus since early summer this year some volunteers have helped the priest to take daily care of the rabbits, separated the males and females(now they live in the different huts, but soon the volunteers would need to check the sex of the babies), begun to neuter the males(the rabbits are too many and neuteing the female is more difficult so they decided to neuter only the males. But it will takes time to do all of the boys.) . I have read their web journal for months and worried about the rabbits, donated some money. And because Syuzenji is not very far from Yokohama, I decided to go there to see the situation and do some help if possible. On 8 and 9 Oct I've been there.

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From my trip to Shuzen-ji
This weekend I've sorted and retouched some of the photos I took on my visit to Syuzenji last weekend. I put some photos which my LJ friends might like :)

The entrance of a Japanese style cafe in a small, old but elegant traditional house.
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eating out with mother
Tomorrow is my mother's birthday but she'll go out for her Haiku poem club meeting all day, so today I asked her to eat out together for a lunch. I took her to a small Italian restaurant, it's rather a casual place but serves wonderful food. She loved their food and enjoyed a glass of wine :)  Then we enjoyed shopping on the best shopping street in Yokohama, we both found a nice clothes.
I seldom go out with mother, so it's good to spend a half day with her.

Going to the vet after 2 months.
I haven't taken my rabbit Tako to the vet for about 2 months, but recently I have suspected her teeth might have been overgrown so today I came home earlier than usual then took Tako to the veterinary clinic. The vet found her teeth have been overgrown and cut them - thankfully he can do it without anesthesia. When we came home it's not much late but I felt a bit tired (maybe because I'be been very busy in the office this week...). I wanted to post the photos of my trip to Syuzenji here again or some other things but felt little energy for them. I lay on the floor and waited for Tako approaching me. She sniffed at me and put her forefeet on me - how cute! So now it's ner the midnight though I found some energy to write thie XD

(She liked being stroked by my foot XD)

some "Japanese" photos of Syuzenji
I post some "Japanese" photos I took on my visit to Syuzenji, the small, old, famous hot spring village.

Though this is a small, and rather inconvenient place to go, Syuzenji attracts many foreign tourists. So I expect that my Western LJ friends might like these :)

Trip to Syuzen-ji
Yesterday and today, I went to 1-night trip to Syuzen-ji, the small but famous hot spring village with long history on Izu peninsula(about 2 hour train trip from Yokohama). It's a small village on the riverbank, and among some good hotels, shops and houses there is an old, small but very famous Syuzen-ji temple(the name of the village comes from the name of this temple, I think). Some days ago I have booked a room in a nice, not cheap hotel - unfortunately in this small village there are little reasonable priced lodging X( - and stayed there alone for just 1 night. My visiting purpose was not sightseeing nor hot spring, though.

Some years ago the chief priest at Shuzen-ji temple adopted 8 abandoned rabbits. He loves animals so he has made a nice hut for them in the back yard of the temple and taken good care of them. Undoubtedly he is a kind man but unfortunately not clever enough to foresee how the rabbits can be productive, now his 8 rabbits have become a big flock - over 200 rabbits X(  So, from the early summer of this year some volunteers have helped the temple to take care of them, separate the males and females, and began to neuter them. Unfortunately it's not a big city but countryside thus not many volunteers.  I have read their blog since this summer and worried about the rabbits and wanted to see the situation. So I went there, and in the afternoon of the first day and in the morning of the second day I have helped the chief priest and the volunteer to clean the huts, give them fresh water and food etc. It's rather a fun to enter the huts filled with rabbits though the labour was not very easy nor light. I have had only a little time to do sightseeing on both day  XD

But I took some nice photo of this small village. I'll post them here in near future, and of course the photos of those many rabbits. Today, I'm too tired to do it, just want to go to bed soon...

Tako, I can see you...
My rabbit Tako believes that she is hiding under the sofa (and the cover cloth)...

too close to the window
Today it's generally fine and a bit windy, and the temperature was oddly high. And humid day. Though the sunshine was so precious for thie time of year we have many rainy days.

 Around noon one of our homelss cats - the white one with black spots - appeared outside of the window facing north.  The sunshine does not come into this side of the house so it's always a bit damp and there are many mosquitos, so usually cats don't stay on this side. But today the white one have stayed there for hours, and whenever I or mother went nearer to the window he imaowed rather miserably.

He had stayed so near to the window it sounded like he was IN our house XD

We gave him some food for he seemed to be very thin while his brother and other cats are so well-fed. We have 5 or 6 homeless cats which visit our garden frequently and once they had shared their territory  often ate food together. But recently they don't seem to be as friendly as before. We are afraid that other cats might have driven him off from the main garden :(

Meanwhile in the garden, the south side of our house...

These two are good friends. The one with closed eyes is the brother of the white one but he prefer to being with his friend :(

daily life
Some overtime job. Chilly rainy day. Tired...  But at least the weekend begins! :)