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Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

Another lucky visitor XD
This morning I found this on the window screen of the washroom.

(This window is near the ceiling so I couldn’t touch it.)

I have no idea from where it has got into the house XD

Do you have any worries?
Yesterday I went to have an aromatherapy massage after work. This is the luxury I allow myself once a month. Every time the aesthetician finds the stiff part and loosen it up - the neck or legs. She is good at it. Yesterday after the treatment she asked me if I had any worries or anything to brood about for she found my forehead was stiff. Thinking too much makes our head or forehead stiff, she said. I’ve never thought like that but it sounds rather reasonable, our mental condition easily affects our physical condition. And yes, I had some unpleasant condition in the office (as always) and have thought about it all day X(

Chilly days...
This morning the air was... chilly, not cool :(
October should be the time when we can enjoy the cool, dry and comfortable air, then in November it becomes chilly then cold. But this October, first it’s been rather warm, and we had some tough typhoons, and now the temperature is low. Also, in the office there is some small but unpleasant occurrence which chills my heart enough.
In the late autumn I need the things which warms my heart!

“You need me?” XD

Tired night
daily life
I don’t know why but I feel so tired ... physically and mentally. The evening when everything seems to be very troublesome :(

Tonight’s dessert.

fragrant olive
The temperature has dropped.
Yesterday it’s sunny and very warm. It’s cool and slightly raining today, I wear a shirt with long sleeves. And outside the sweet scent of fragrant olive is just Wonderful! It smells best when it starts blooming, and this cool wet air keeps the scent well.

This cool air with the smell of fragrant olive is my favorite, I feel a quiet happiness on such day. Though when I think about the damages from the recent typhoon I at the same time feel depressed. I just spend this quiet cool day at home(today is the national holiday), put some leaves in a flower vase, read a book and stroke my rabbit...

After the typhoon
The big typhoon has left much damages in various areas. More than 10 big rivers burst their banks because of the extravagant amount of rain in many places and wide areas were flooded, there are people still waiting for the rescue on the roof or the 2nd floor of the houses. More than 25 were killed and more are missing. In Nagano many Shinkansen cars were flooded. It’s just terrible!
Though fortunately our area got no serious damage at all. Last night, before midnight the heavy rain and strong wind have already ended. This morning when I opened the shutters it’s beautifully fine and the air was full of wonderful smell of fragrant olive. It’s almost unbelievable that we have such beautiful, quiet day when many people are suffering by the damage.

“Kinmokusei” - the fragrant olive began to bloom and send out their wonderful sweet scent.

They were all safe!

Meanwhile, in my room...

...relaxing rabbit XD

A typhoon day
Today, a big typhoon is coming. In the afternoon I closed all the shutters. Late in the afternoon... from around 5pm the rain and wind have become very strong. And horrible images on TV news. We(I and mother) have felt rather uneasy all day.
Now, about 22:00 on Saturday, the typhoon seems to have gone ...at least from our area. We still have rain and strong wind but now they are far quieter than 1 hour before. We still have to be careful but at the moment we are safe and maybe our house(though we’ll need to check the outside of the house tomorrow morning), and there was no electric power failure nor suspension of water supply - I’m thankful for that! But there are many serious damages in many areas it seems, maybe tomorrow we’ll see how terrible they are. Just hope... not many lives have been lost.

A lucky visitor
Yesterday morning when I opened the shutter of the window of the living room I found a gecko on the shutter, it’s soon gone to somewhere in the house. I didn’t care, I like gecko very much and it’s considered to be a “lucky” creature (maybe because gecko eats small insects).
Then last night, before going to bed I went to the toilet and found the gecko inside of the window screen :)

Unfortunately it seemed to had lost its tail during its stay in our house, though well enough. It might not be able to find his food(small flies) much in the house so I let him out of the window ... after taking a picture of it XD

I hope it will bring us the good fortune of safety during the coming big typhoon!!

Again, a typhoon is approaching...
The weather forecast have warned a big typhoon will hit the area around Tokyo on coming Saturday since last week, and the forecast is becoming more and more horrible. They say it is really a huge, strong one. I was going to eat out with mother for Sunday lunch but canceled the booking. We’ll stay at home this weekend. Every year we have some big typhoons but usually most of the damages are in the west part of Japan, thus people living in and around Tokyo are not accustomed to this natural disaster enough. And we remember too well how bad the damage caused by the typhoon at the beginning of Sep was. As for me, because of the damage of my best friend’s parents’ house, I cannot help but thinking that any damage can happen to anyone, to any house... and, yes I confess, I feel a bit scared. Tomorrow (Friday) morning I’ll take some things in our garden into the shed or other places and in the evening close all the shutters... maybe that’s all I can do, and just wait.

Visiting a museum ( for a job)
daily life
This afternoon I left the office to visit some museum. It’s a museum of railway models, very enjoyable. But unfortunately this was a job, not for fun. The museum had a small exhibition about the company I work for (I work for the brother company of a local commuter train company), and because now I’m in the section which has the responsibility about the archive(company history), I wanted to check their exhibition. So I haven’t seen other interesting exhibitions - wonderful train models! - but they seemed to be quite good. Maybe I will return to the museum on my holiday in near future X)

(In the museum)

The museum was in a new building on riverbank near the train station, and today the air was fresh and comfortable. So visiting the museum was a fun even though I couldn’t see the exhibition enough.

(In front of the building, there was a big funny monument.)