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Travel to Scotland 1
So, yesterday (Saturday) and today(Sunday) I have worked with my computer to check the photos I'd took on my trip to Scotland in June! On this weekend it's hot and humid of course, no sign of rain, very severe summer heat! So I've closed the window, turned on the air-conditioner and worked on the hundreds of pictures. It's fun to remember the enjoyable travel days but also it made my eyes tired - looking at the computer screen for hours XD
Anyway now I'm ready to post the photos of the first few days and hope my LJ friends would enjoy them!
photosCollapse )

Ms. healer Tako
I have many things I want to or have to do. But this summer heat doesn't give me the enough energy. Every workday after I come home from the office, I took shower and had supper, ... then no energy left. So I lie on the floor of my room. On the carpeted floor, not on my futon bed. Because on the floor, when I lie on it, my rabbit Tako often approaches me, sniff me, sometimes put her forefeet on my body X)  The exhausted, but happy time on m daily life.

still tired...
daily life
Today too, it's hot and humid. I have turned on the air conditioner in my room all day for my rabbit. In the evening I found there was nice breeze coming from some windows, but unfortunately not in my own room. So still the air conditioner is working. It's not unpleasant but I don't like this artificial coolness X(  And maybe because of the heat during the daytime I feel really tired, difficult to find energy to do something...

Hot, busy days
Now everyday we are having the murderous heat and humidity - this summer heat has literally killed some people already, the weather forecast warns about it every day and advises to use the air-conditioner. I think our temperature is not very very high - here in Yokohama it's about 35°C and I know there are many places with the far higher temperature in the world. But the mixture of this temperature and the humidity - 70 or 80 per cent - day and night, sometimes nearly 90 per cent - this is reall a disaster! Every morning I wake up soaking in sweat and feeling exhausted. My rabbit Tako has more difficult times of course with her fur - recently I gave her a "stone bed" and she loves it! This is a simple but very effective thing - A stone plate on a wooden frame, and in the frame I put the refrigerant pack which keeps the stone cool for hours. She doesn't move from it all day!

In the office, my job situation is just a chaos but it's not my fault, so I will just see how it'll turn out. Last Friday I ate out with 2 good job partners and talked much about the situation, this eating out and talking has made me feel better.

In the morning of Saturday I have worked well to clean the house for I'd have guest on the next day - and in the evening went to the concert hall to enjoy the classical music Rachmaninov's Concert for piano & orchestra, and Symphony No.2. Rachmaninov is not my favorite composer but the performance was really good, I could enjoy them very much!
Then on Sunday 3 friends visited my house. One of them O is a good cook but she has little opportunity to cook seriously for she lives by herself in a small apartment, so I let her use our kitchen, pay for the food, then she cook! I invited other 2 friends to enjoy O's cooking. Isn't this a great idea? Every one was happy with the good food and talking.

Her paella was wonderful! Tasted really professional!
(How to cook the paella)

And today, Monday is a national holiday so I can rest at home. I open all the windows but today we have little wind, I have been thinking if I should turn on the air conditioner for a while... XD

exhausted, hungry
It's the exhausting Asian summer now, hot and HUMID. I can't sleep well in the night because of the heat and humidity, but I don't like using air-conditioner when I sleep. Difficult...

Last week the extraordinarily heavy rain has caused the countless landslides and floods in the west part of Japan, killed more than 200 people and more than 20 are still missing, and 7000 people are evacuated to the temporary shelters. In many places still no electricity and water ...in this exhausting heat, humidity, and mud. I can't imagine how terribly severe the situation is. At the moment nothing I can do, today I donated some money for the victims. The news of this natural disaster distresses me much every day.

I'm safe and dry so I don't have the right to complain, I know. But in my personal life this week everyday distlessing things happned ... of course in the office! At the moment I have no energy to explain about it. Of course I have not been able to find the time and energy to sort out my travel photos etc. Today mother is out and I came home about 8pm, I had no energy to cook, just ate some fruits, I'm hungry but feel just tired, don't want to do something in the kitchen. So I put on the air conditioner...

the news of death
During my trip to Scotland I have sent postcards to my Japanese and foreign friends. Yesterday I got the reply from one of the American friends P, but not P herself but from her son. Sadly, it's the news of her death. P was maybe older than my mother and I knew her health has been failing for years so it's not a big surprise, still this news made me feel sad. P is one of my first foreign friends - she was a volunteer guide of the Stevenson museum in California when I've visited it for the first time many many years ago. And she was kind to the ignorant foreign visitor, she even said I'd be able to stay with her on my next visit to the town. And in fact I have stayed with her when I visited there again after some years, she had taught me many things and I could learn more from her personality and her life as an American.
Today I wrote a letter of condolences to her son, it's not an easy task...

Today it's cloudy, the temperature is not much high, so it's rather comfortable being outdoor.
Some of our familiar homeless cats visited our terrace in the morning, and they got a treat - fish skin! (from our yesterday supper) Of course they liked it, and mabe also because it's rather comfortable day, one of them - the white one with black spots - has been there almost all day. It was quite inconvenient. For I was going to cut my rabbit Tako's nails today, and I always do it on the terrace with sunlight. But I don't want to take Tako to the terrace when cats are there of course, so I waited... but he (the cat) has been there literally all day today! And whenever I approached the window he run up to me, expecting more treat. The power of the fish skin!!

(cats on the terrace all day...)

So, today I couldn't cut Tako's nails at all... Maybe tomorrow, I hope to find time when cats are not here XD

"I don't mind cats on the terrace" (Tako doesn't like her nails being cut) XD

suffer from summer heat and humidity...
Now we have already had hot and humid days... the temperature is not very high yet but the humidity is high, I cannot sleep well in the night. But I don't like turn on the air conditioner during the night. The exhausting season...

Visiting the family grave
Today I woke up 5am, left home at 6:15, took a crowded train going to Tokyo and met my sister and her son at Sinjuku station(the biggest and most crowded train station in Japan), took a limited express and went to Suwa(a small city in Nagano prefrecture) and arrived at our family temple at 10:30am. And it's raining heavily then X( In the great hall of the temple we had a kind of memorial service for my father, grandparents and aunt. An old Buddhist priest recited a sutra which was mixed with the sound of rain.
Our family grave is on the hillside with the nice view of the lake but today we couldn't stay there long because of the rain. But it's good to visit there with mother, sister and nephew. Suwa is my grandfather's hometown but now no relatives there, so we have visit there just sometimes.
After leaving the temple we took lunch, went to the local public bath with nice hot spring, then took the express train going back to Tokyo. When I and mother came home it's past 7pm. My rabbit Tako was waiting her supper (vegetable) patiently in her cage X)
Today Japanese Archipelago was hit by the heavy rain - in many places, I mean, and compared to those places we seemed to be rather lucky for after leaving the temple the rain has become lighter and no delay of trains. Well, it's a nice day but busy day... and I'm tired!!! XD

I will have to wake up very early...
Tomorrow I, mother and sister will visit our family grave in Nagano, to where it’s 3 hours and half train ride so we will need to leave the house very early. It is before 11pm at the moment and I have to go to bed soon! Tomorrow I will wake up at past five... X(


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