Katriona's Diary

...we travel, indeed, to find honest friends... R.L.S.

walking on a fine day
Yesterday afternoon I went out with my friend. We visited some small park and certain street which are famous for their cherry trees. They are not the ordinary cherry trees, have the early-bloom blossoms and bloom  in February. Unfortunately we were late - the cherry flowers were mostly gone. But it's a fine day, and we saw many rape blossoms along the street, they were beautiful in the warm sunlight.

In a small park we saw 2 cats enjoying the sun, they were very friendly and I stroked them for a while... fun! X)

(This girl was also enjoying touching the cats. A good girl!)

Then we went back to the downtown, had supper together and talked much. My friend was younger than me, independent, talented woman but she has some problems about her health, job and love affair at the moment - rather worrisome situation, and it's very difficult to help her. I myself enjoyed outing and talking with her, but also I hoped this outing might be a good relief for her.

cat garden
Thought the temperature is still rather low and the wind is chilly, all the living things know now the spring is coming. Today it's mildly sunny - sometimes slightly cloudy day. I saw 3 homeless cats are enjoying the soft sunlight in our garden.

(Do you see there are 2 cats behind the branches?)

(He is a frequent visitor here, one of the homeless cats we have TNR - trap, neuter, return - ed last autumn. Other 2 cats might be the neutered ones too.)

(Drinking water from our shell.)

It seems that my neighbours give them enough food ... they all look moderately fat and healthy X)  Peaceful early spring day!

difference in age
daily life
Today after work I met my former co-worker and had supper with her. Once she and I have worked together in the same section and had a very good relationship. She is about 20 years younger than me, cheerful, nice young lady and I like her very much, it's fun to see her and talk with.
I enjoyed the supper and talking with her but I noticed that the restaurant she has chose, the food she has ordered ... they were somehow different from my own choice. I don't mean I didn't like the place or food, they were good enough. Still I couldn't feel as relaxed as usual, and I thought this might be because of the gap of our ages.
Well... it's OK. Even so it's worth having a friend of other generation :)

a Japanese lunch
daily life
Usualy I bring a packet lunch to the office and eat it on my desk, but sometimes eat out on the lunchtime. Today I went to a Japanese restaurant near the office and had a set lunch.

Don't you think this looks very Japanese? XD This is a popular restaurant in the business district, not a smart place, rather for common workers, a noisy restaurant with many small tables. But their food (mostly fish) is good and their plates are big, and the price is reasonable. I like this place but go there just sometimes because their set lunch makes me too full! X)

alone at home
daily life
After some oddly warm, spring-like days the low temperature is back. The north wind was cold, I hurriedly came home this evening. Mother is out, on her 4-days trip with friend, and without Mr.Uma I'm alone at home now. On such cold evening I feel quite fortunate to come back to this nice house with enough space and rather a big garden, and nice floor heating X), not a tiny apartment. But at the same time I feel like this house is too big for me when I'm alone. Maybe I've been too accustomed to live with my mother and my rabbit. Feeling lonesome, and freedom together. Now I should have a bath and go to bed...

a beautiful Sunday
It was a wonderfully sunny day today. Because of the bright sunshine the temperature was not much low, it's comfortable to be out in the garden though there are little flowers. I love this rather naked garden with brown grass, it looks so clean.

It's sunny but a bit windy, and I found some small, white petals of Japanese apricot flower on the grass. We don't have Japanese apricot trees so they must come from our neighbour's garden by wind.

Around noon we saw the familiar homeless cat walking in our garden. Against the tacit but rather strict rule between us, mother gave her a small piece of cracker. She ate it and tried to jump on our terrace (clearly wanted more food) but when we said No she went away, not hurriedly.

In the afternoon I took out my kimono, sash and other things from the drawers to practice wearing kimono. It's been months since when I did it last time and I have half forgotten how to wear Obi (sash) XD  I need more frequent practice! Anyway it's good I could do it today... X)

(This is the reflection in the mirror.)

In the evening I watched DVD - one of my favorite films "Master and Commander" for the first time in years. Recently it's not easy to make time to watch DVD of movie or TV rama at home so I enjoyed it very much :)

Well... this is rather plain, quiet Sunday at home. But a nice day :)

Doll's day
Today I took out the Hina-dolls from the closet and displayed them in our tatami room. Preparation for the Doll's festival (Girls festival) on 3rd March.

(Dolls have been wrapped in paper and kept in the cardboard box for 10 months.)

I still display not only my dolls but my sister's and her daughters' dolls here. I really hope they'll take them to their own house in near future but not sure... The young girls don't seem to be interested in the tradition, but I'm afraid that they might regret that they won't have kept their dolls at their hand when they'd get old. But ... well, it's their problem, not mine X)

Anyway, I love my dolls (the left ones) very much and enjoye seeing them once an year! :)

This afternoon my aunt visited her sister(my mother), when I came home this evening she and mother were still enjoy talking. We had supper together, then aunt left here around 8pm. She lives in Tokyo, not much far from here but I haven't seen her for years, so it's good to see her. And eating and talking with her made me feel myself quite younger for she is a person who has known me since when I was a baby X) At the same time she looked older than I've remembered. Of course ... she is nearly 80 now. She lives with her 2 single daughters, they and I are quite busy these days so we haven't met each other for years. Maybe I ahould write to them in near future...

Ume flowewrs
Our north window faces the neighbour's garden. Recently when I open the shutter of the window in the morning I enjoy seeing this.

An Ume - Japanese apricot tree is blooming, its white flowers look beautiful in the morning light.
Ume flowers are the sign of early spring here. Though it's still cold we know soon the spring will come!

cold evening
Cold winter day. I came home from the office, had supper, then still have some hour to do something ...but want to do nothing. I have many things I want to do or should do, but not today... I may still in pet-loss a bit...


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